Chatroom Policy


  • Please create a profile before engaging in chat. While we cannot force you to do so, some users will bother you about it.
  • Do not enforce these rules on chat. This is commonly referred to as "mini-modding". Administrators and chat moderators are appointed for a reason. They are able to identify when the rules are being broken and know how to respond. Enforcing the rules yourself can result in confusion and miscommunication to moderators and administrators.
  • If you a feel a user who is breaking rules is going unnoticed, leave a message for the Staff here. Do not take the matter into your own hands.
  • If there are no moderators or administrators on chat and a user is breaking the rules, contact one immediately, and provide screenshots of the user committing the act.
  • Please respect the decisions of staff on the main chat. If you have any complaints with the actions of a staff member, please discuss it with them in PM. Staff are not allowed to ban users who disagree with their actions. 
  • Please follow the Episode Policy. Linking to an illegal episode link, mentioning the name of an illegal episode link, or begging for a stream or link will result in a kick.
  • PM is mostly a no-rule zone. If you are being harassed by users, block them. Some exceptions may apply with picture proof.
  • Please only use English in main. Because the majority of our user base speaks English and don’t know foreign languages. Its use in the main chatroom can flood up the chat. Up to 6 words in a foreign language are fine, but above that will result in a kick.
  • Please respect the opinions of all users. There is a difference between disagreeing with them and attacking them for having differing views.
  • Using all-caps messages, colored text messages, or big size messages longer than six words may result in a kick.
  • Linking to any dangerous websites will result in a two week ban. We wish to keep user’s computers safe.
  • Do not post screamers or jump-scares.This will result in an automatic, no-warning one day chat ban. 
  • Insulting or antagonizing other users is not allowed and may result in a kick, unless it is used in a jokingly manner.
  • Using terms such as 420, weed, marijuana, etc jokingly is fine, however, it must stop if the general chat is upset with it.
  • Discussing and linking leaked episodes and information (such as characters and plotlines) either directly or indirectly may result in an automatic kick and/or ban.
    • The punishment for this is 20 minute chat ban for your first offense and a day chat ban for your second offense.
  • Using chat.css to block messages from Chat Moderators and Administrators is allowed, however, you will not be warned for any rules you may violate and will instead be instantly kicked or banned when breaking them.
  • Using false evidence or lies toward a user, especially to get another user punished, will result in a kick/ban.
  • Users without any edits will be automatically kicked from the chatroom to prevent spam. Users may reenter the chat once they have reached at least one edit. If a user reenters the chat 3 times without any edits, they will be chat banned for one day on their third attempt to enter the chat.
  • If an admin or mod feels like a user is trying to use loopholes or holes in our rules to disrupt chat, be generally mean, or to purposely bother users, an admin or mod has the authority to kick and ban you from chat.

Vulgar Language

  • Light cuss words (such as hell, damn, dick, ect) are allowed. Excessive usage or usage of extreme cuss words (such as f***, b**** and s***) may both result in a no-warning kick or ban. Using extreme cuss words will result in an automatic, no warning kick.
    • Swear slang (such as wtf, stfu, etc) that can be translated into cuss words is not allowed and will result in a no-warning kick.
  • Images with adult language are not allowed unless with warning. This may result in a no-warning ban or kick.
    • Links from the Tumblr account “Gemfuck” are allowed to be posted on main despite the adult name, since this blog primarily shares appropriate Steven Universe fan art and is popular in the community.
  • Hate speech and derogatory slurs are not accepted on the chat. Any use of these words will result in an automatic kick and then a ban if use is continued.
  • The use of terms related to human genitilla in chat are only reserved for “scientific” context. Do not use words such as “dick” as insults. Mods are still allowed to warn against the usage of these words if felt needed.
    • Understand that while you cannot use words such as dick as an insult that you may use it if it's in a book/movie/tv show's title.

NFSW And Any Sexual Content

  • NFSW (not safe for work, or things you don’t want to be seen looking at in school or work) links are not permitted in chat. No exceptions. If you are unsure if what you are about to link is NSFW or not, please send a link to a staff member in PM to make sure.
  • Realize that when you are on chat that you need to keep conversation relativly clean. Mild innuendo or jokes are allowed but should it be taken to far shall result in a warning then ban from the chatroom.
  • There is no linking any inapropriate images to users in PM or the main chatroom. Be cautious with what you post as if the staff are informed of this, and there's preferably a screenshot, you will be banned.

Controversial Topics (Politics, religion, suicide, ect.)

  • Be courteous. While it is suggested you avoid topics that make others uncomfortable, if you do discuss these topics do so in a polite, respectful manner. But if staff requests that you stop talking about such topics, please comply or take the conversation to PM.
    • Staff are only allowed to request the topic change if it makes the general chat uncomfortable.
  • Understand that the term 'gay' is not a direct insult or a word used to actively insulting something/someone in a negative way. Be aware that fellow users may find that offense and, after being warned, can lead to a ban. While it is fine to discuss possible homosexuality between characters (i.e. Ruby and Sapphire) do not get carried away with it or over exaggerate it. 

Underaged Users

  • If you are underaged, you will be banned until you are 13 years of age. In accordance to Wikia TOU and US Law, users under the age of 13 are not allowed to have an account on any Wikia community. 
  • If a user is revealed to be underaged, do not make a big deal about it. Just quietly screencap and PM a staff member about it.


  • Spamming, considered as excessive posting of the same message multiple times, posting numerous messages of gibberish with no legitimate meaning, constant use of emoticons, etc, will give you a warning. If necessary you will be kicked, and if you enter and spam again then you will be given a ban.
  • Walls of text, posts that have over 5 lines of words in one post, are permitted only if you warn first. Please do not abuse these though, if you do, mods will kick you without warning.
  • Caps, which is TYPING EVERY WORD LIKE THIS, is permitted as long as you keep it under 6 words or less. Some exceptions may be in place from time to time though.
  • Only use the !mods command for when you need to talk to a mod or when a mod is needed. Using the command for spam or for a reason not listed, you will be kicked.


  • Repeatedly insulting things and talking about nothing else may result in a kick or a ban.
  • People who stay on the same subject for a very long time are encouraged to stop.

Advertising Wikis and Websites

  • Linking to other wikis or wiki chats is not allowed in main. This opens the door to invasions and can cause wiki wide drama. Allowed wikis are Community Central, Dev Wiki, our fellow members of the 6 wiki alliance and other language Steven Universe wikis.
  • Linking to referral links are not allowed.
  • Advertising to view your Steven Universe content on other websites is fine, but advertising to view your not-Steven Universe content on other websites or wikis will result in a kick.


  • While role-playing is allowed, please keep in mind that role-playing can alienate users from chatting and can clutter the chat. If you wish to go on magical adventures in intergalactic parking lots, consider taking your roleplay into PM.
  • Do not engage in sexual role-play. Some people prefer not to see Pearl and Frybo straddle each other in main. If users complain or a staff requests you stop, please comply. If you wish to live out your fantasies, do so in PM.
  • You can not “own” a character from Steven Universe. Any arguments that result from this petty drama will result in an automatic kick for any user involved.
  • Original characters are allowed for role-playing.